What's the buzz about Stuart and Anne?Buzzing Bees

“Anne and Stuart’s easy teamwork and obvious love of what they do, along with the powerful connection to spirit makes the material so accessible.” - G. Spencer, retired  teacher

“The way Stuart and Anne both work together so harmoniously, with clarity, respect and honoring -- I know spirit is present.” - J. Higgins, therapist

“I appreciate the sense of encouragement, enlightenment and acknowledgment that you both share with each other and the class. It makes for a fine and healthy growing space.” - T. Drury, teacher

 “The way Anne and Stuart are both grounded and straight forward about this knowledge is so refreshing. None of that woo-woo stuff. And the continuous encouragement to go back to our own knowledge base/source was validating and empowering.” - R. Ruch, teacher and healer