Shamanic Training Class Catalog

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This is a list of (most of) the various classes we teach. We don't offer every class every year, obviously, but if you see a listing here you'd really like to take, and it's not on the schedule, please do let us know!
Shamanic Journey Initiation

This is our entry point to (almost) all of our other classes. Knowing how to travel in t he spirit worlds, and how to connect with your main power animal(s) and spirit teachers, is the key skill and starting point for almost everything else.

Note that the first session of this workshop, where the basic skills are introduced, is offered for free! This is usually a four-evening class, or a weekend.
Journeying beyond Death

One of the most sacred roles of a traditional shaman is to travel into the after-death realm to learn about life and death, guide the dying, and heal the dead.

This personally enlightening work helps develop a whole new relationship with death and enriches the experience of life. It also provides practical training for those who wish to assist others.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Spirits

Our divination class - how to get specific information from the spirits, to help your clients, your community, and yourself. This is traditionally one of the most important jobs of the shaman. We cover the basics of how to ask questions so that you can understand the answers, how to cast and read objects, read omens, dreams, and how to ask the ancestors.

Communicating with Nature

Perhaps our most popular class, it's an introduction to the world-view where everything is alive, where everything is spirit, and you can communicate with it all - animals, plants, the "little people", rocks, places, and weather. This class includes basic journey instructions, so the Shamanic Journey Initiation is not a prerequisite. There is (optional) homework where you will be able to spend a significant amount of time in Nature.

This is usually offered as six evening meetings.

Identity and Power

Another popular class - how our concepts of our identity limit and confine our power, while the spirits' view of our identity expands and nourishes our power. Learn how to recast our old limiting stories and ideas, and fully impower new ones. People find this workshop to be "life changing".

Offered as six evening meetings or a long weekend.

The Power of the Ancestors

While many of us have issues with our family of origin, far enough back we all have ancestors of great wisdom and compassion. Here we learn to connect with them, learn their stories, and begin to heal the connection to our own lineage. Honor them and receive their blessing.

Offered as four evening sessions.

The Mystic and the Shaman

Explore the mystic’s sublime sense of unity and the shaman’s practical spirituality. Experience how they support each other and bring more peace, joy, and power into your life.

Three evening meetings.

Gratitude as a Spiritual Practice

Explore a practice inspired by the Iroquois Nation, the Thanksgiving Address, which leads to inner peace, contentment, and joy. See the spirits in all things, and realize the unity of creation and your place in it.

Everyday Shamanism

How to bring the insights and tools of shamanic practice into everyday life - practical spiritual ways to protect yourself, your family, car, and home. How to communicate with animals, plants, everyday objects, and your home - and see what knowledge is available to you. Even communicate with your own body!

Offered as four evenings, or a weekend.

Levels of the Soul

Here we draw on both the stillness of meditation and the insights gained through the shamanic journey to explore the layers of being that make up what we think we are - and gain some insight into who we really are.

Offered as four evenings, or a weekend.

Masks, Costumes, and Ceremony

Honor and celebrate the spirits through making masks and costumes, and empowering and using them in sacred ceremony. You will experience the ecstatic merging with the spirits that can happen in ceremony, and become much closer to your own spirit allies.

Offered as a series of six evening meetings.

Medicine for the Earth

Based on the ground-breaking work of Sandra Ingerman, we explore shamanic and spiritual methods that have been shown to both connect you to your innate divinity and bring measureable healing to environmental pollution. As a side benefit, you will also bring healing to the inner pollution caused by living in our crazy society.

Usually offered as a series of evening meetings, or as a long weekend, and sometimes as a five-day retreat, which includes much additional rich material.

Discovering Power and Abundance

While most of our trainings focus on establishing and nurturing relations with the helping spirits in the upper and lower worlds (see discussion here), there is much to be gained in the middle world. Some of the topics we explore include connecting with your middle world power animal for protection and strength, establishing a profitable relationship with your spirit financial advisor for prosperity and abundance, and meeting a council of advisors in one of the hidden middle worlds.

Usually offered as a series of four evening meetings, or a weekend.

Advanced Shamanic Healing

A year-long advanced training in shamanic healing - our most advanced offering, we meet for a weekend every two months, with a four-day residential retreat in the spring. This training covers most of the traditional healing methods used by shamans around the world, including healing with spiritual light, extraction, healing the dead and preparing for death, soul retreival, and compassionate depossession. There is ample opportunity for practice, feedback, mentoring, and personal healing.

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