Sunrise under the cottonwoodShamanic Healing Clinic
of Sonoma County
Currently the Clinic is Closed
    • Receive shamanic healing in a community setting
    • Feel the love and energy of the compassionate spirits
    • Socialize with shamanic healers and other participants
    • Experience non-dogmatic, non-religious, spirit based healing
What is shamanism?

Shamanism is the method the ancients used to connect with compassionate spirits for help in working miracles, healing their communities, and keeping the balance with nature.

For more in-depth information on shamanism, click here.
What is the Shamanic Healing Clinic like?
  • We work in a community setting - everyone healing together.
  • We use drums and rattles to keep the beat of a trance state, plus bells and other sounds.
  • We bring you the healing of the compassionate spirits in whatever form that may take
  • We use appropriate touch, or the laying on of hands.
  • We remove negative energy and restore positive energy
  • We give people messages of hope and comfort from the spirits

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