Links and Resources

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The "Shamanic Teachers" Website:

This is a great resource for finding qualified shamanic classes, teachers, and practitioners in all parts of the world. It is sponsored by Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and a world-wide two-year program for training shamanic teachers. There are links here to Sandra's own teaching programs and her blogs.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies:

Founded by Michael Harner, the FSS has a world-wide program of shamanic training, and has ongoing research and highly regarded programs to preserve and revitalize indigenous shamanism. We both trained with Dr. Harner and other FSS faculty. The FSS publishes the annual journal Shamanism.

The Society of Shamanic Practitioners:

An organization of practitioners and others who are committed to the re-emergence of shamanic practices - for the promotion of health and healing in our communities. The publish The Journal of Shamanic Practice.

Shaman Links:

A wonderful resource of shamanic links and essays, maintained by Lauren Torres ( Well worth an afternoon of browsing!

Shamanism 101

This is an essay Stuart wrote to describe what shamanism is and isn't, and something about shamanic healing.

Practitioners and Teachers We Know Personally

This is a list of people we've worked with and know. We genrally recommend working with someone local for both healing and teaching, and this is a list of people in other locations we've met and worked with.
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