Kissed by Fire

by Anne, June, 2008

In May, Stuart and I traveled to Scotland, where we both taught and learned from other shamanic teachers from around the world.

Our time together culminated in a fire walk.  We built a huge fire,Fire and while it burned down to very  hot coals, we engaged in several ceremonies to prepare ourselves for the fire walk.  In one, we each spoke with that wise being, Fire, and asked it for whatever help or healing we wanted.  I asked for healing in a part of my body that had had some ambiguous test results.

Our preparations finished, we walked down the hill to the Fire, to the accompaniment of a fully outfitted highland piper playing stirring bagpipe music.  And the next thing I knew, we were all walking or dancing in one's and two's and three's at a time, through the coals that generated such heat that you felt them from several feet away.

And, astonishingly enough,  it didn't hurt!  ...Except there was one tiny place on my left foot that felt a wee bit of a burn.  At first I wondered if I had done something wrong.  I couldn't see my feet because they had some mud on them, but later when I washed them, there was not a single mark or smidgen of redness on the spot on my left foot. Yet a ghost of a feeling remained that night, although it was gone by morning.

And then I realized that the subtle burn I had felt was in the exact reflexology point that corresponded to the place in my body that I had asked to be healed!  My kind friend, Fire, had just kissed the spot to tell me I was healed.  And a couple of months later, back in the U.S., tests confirmed that I was unambiguously healthy. Thank you, Fire!