Practitioners & Teachers

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This is a (partial) list of people we know personally that we can recommend - as healers and teachers. This is in no particular order - yet...
Who Location Website
Karen Furr - Healing through Reiki and Shamanic Arts - Christ-centered shamanism Kingman, AZ
Connie Kelly - Practitoner and teacher Carlsbad, CA
Gretchen Crilly McKay - Ancestral Wisdom, African Sangoma shaman Laguna Niguel, CA
Larry Kessler - Practitioner, teacher - deep experience with Hawaiian huna healing. Long Beach, CA,, &
Beth Beurkens, MA - Teacher, healer, and poet Mt. Shasta, CA
Kent Dorsey & Suzanne Savage - Teachers and healers - Munay-Ki rites (Inca shamanism). Oakland, CA, &
Sarah Dole - Practitioner and teacher Sebastopol, CA
Karen Rice King - Practitioner,teacher, and dowser - Earth Acupuncture Boulder, CO
Roxanne Roberts - Gifted healer and teacher, with her husband Jim. Woodland Park, CO
Shilo Satran - Teacher, healer, and shamanic coach. She also makes sacred power objects. Andover, KS &
Nan Moss & David Corbin - Teachers, writers, and healers. They have worked extensively with the weather spirits. Port Clyde, ME
Evelyn Rysdyk & Allie Knowlton - Healers, writers, speakers, and teachers. Yarmouth, ME
Hannah Quinn - Hannah is a wonderful healer, with a deep background in meditation and oriental medicine as well as shamanism.Santa Fe, NM 

Sandra Ingerman - Teacher and healer - she brought the practice of Soul Retrieval to western shamanism. Her recent work has focused on healing the earth through shamanic practices. She is a prolific writer and a licensed therapist. Santa Fe, NM
Kate Durda and Stephanie Tighe - together they are Spirit Weavers, which focuses on healing, shamanic teaching, and sponsoring other shamanic teachers. Lansing, MI
Tom Cowan - Practitioner, writer, teacher specializing in Celtic visionary healing. Hudson River Valley, NY
Chetna Lawless - Healer, facilitator & trainer, teacher. Dorset, UK
Betsy Bergstrom - teacher and healer; she is a master teacher and practitioner of compassionate depossession. Seattle, WA
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