A year-long intensive of healing methods, ceremonies and initiations in a compassionate community environment
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Path in nature

The Path of the Healer
Four weekends in Santa Rosa, plus a four-day retreat in Northern California
  • Are you interested in healing? Would you like to become a healer, or enhance your natural healing gifts?
  • Are you a practitioner interested in augmenting your current practice with more depth and power?
"Powerful and essential for those on a spiritual journey who want to help others heal."  M. Battermann

Be part of a shamanic healing community!

your conection with the spiritual power that underlies healing -- the helping spirits and the deeper dimensions of energy work.
Learn classical advanced shamanic healing ceremonoies and techniques -- and greatly expand your partnership with the compassionate spirits.
Explore your innate gifts and build your confidence in a small group environment with other committed practitioners.
Benefit from ample opportunities for practice, with expert oversight and supportive feedback.
Discuss how to integrate this work into modern healing practices.
Experience the transformative power of ritual
Group Rattling Outside
"Built my confidence in healing and jump-started me into practicing it!" - T. Weeks

Stuart and Anne leading circleWho can benefit from this course?
This course is ideal for anyone drawn to healing, whether you're just beginning to explore becoming a healer, or you're already a practitioner interested in augmenting your current practice with more depth and power.
Recommended for physicians, therapists, bodyworkers, nurses, hospice workers, hypnotherapists, coaches, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other healing practitioners -- or those who want to help family and friends.

Learn these traditional time-tested techniques & ceremonies:
  • Healing with spiritual light and the power of transfiguration into the divine
  • Ecstatic merging with spiritual power to safely extract negative energies and illness
  • Healing the dead and learning what lies beyond death
  • Soul retrieval and integrating the fragments of self
  • Body-centered, gentle and effective depossession.

"I loved the energy of the group. Always felt safe and supported"  P. Welanko

“Anne and Stuart are very knowledge- able, skillful, supportive and present. They create very safe and sacred space, and it's fun!.  J. Skai Arbor

"A healing experience and valuable spiritual development" -- A. Gunn

"I studied soul retrieval with other teachers. Now, using the way Anne and Stuart teach it, my clients are experiencing more benefit and are more empowered.” L. Creel

Notes: You will have ample opportunity to both practice and receive healing. This workshop is more suitable for those interested in healing others, rather than those needing self healing – though there will be plenty of self healing.

You will practice both in class and on your own, as part of homework. You will receive on-going mentoring and follow-up between sessions.

Meetings: We will meet six times during the year: three non-residential weekends (January 22-23, March 26-27, July 23-24, and September 24-25), a four-day residential retreat (May 22-26), and a final day on November 6. Enrollment deadline is December 30th, but will be extended to January 18 for those enrolled in Shamanic Jourrney Initiation.

Prerequisites: Applicants must have a solid foundation in shamanic journey skills, be able to journey successfully to the upper and lower worlds, and have a relationship with a spirit teacher and a power animal. (To develop these skills, our workshop Shamanic Journey Initiation is highly recommended. Often the first half is sufficient to learn basic journey skills. See the schedule here.)
You must also be committed to attending all meetings. If you have not previously studied directly with Anne or Stuart you will need a phone interview.

Cost: Thirteen days of instruction, including food and lodging for the 4-day retreat, for a total of $1950 in five payments of $360 each plus a $195 deposit. Monthly payment plan available ($180 a month for 10 months, plus $195 deposit). The $195 deposit plus application reserves your spot. Call us regarding special discounts available for pre-payment.
If you have already taken classes from Anne and Stuart on some of the techniques in this workshop, you are eligible for a $50 per day rebate for retaking those sections. Payments accepted by cash, check, or VISA/MC.

Registration: To receive an application or for more information, call 707-570-0111 or email