Journeying Beyond Death
a profound initiation into the secrets of death and dying

One of the most sacred roles of a traditional shaman is to travel into the after-death realm to learn about life and death, guide the dying, and heal the dead.

This personally enlightening work helps develop a whole new relationship with death and enriches the experience of life. It also provides practical training for those who wish to assist others.

What will I learn?

  • How to travel safely in the worlds beyond death, using gentle drumming,
  • How to work with your helping spirits to contact and heal the dead,
  • How to visit loved ones who have passed,
  • How to assist people and animals make their joyful transition into the light,
  • How to protect and cleanse yourself,
  • How to become more at peace with death - your own and others',
  • What lies beyond your own death…

Who Would Benefit from this Workshop?

  • Anyone whose loved one has died,
  • Anyone facing their own death,
  • Healers who work with the dying,
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about dying and what lies beyond.


You must know how to journey to the upper and lower worlds and have success contacting a spirit teacher and/or a power animal. Our Shamanic Journey workshop is a good way to learn this.

How to Register:

To reserve a place in this workshop, or for any questions and further information, click here or phone 707-570-0111.

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