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Classic & Modern Shamanic Divination Tools

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One of the traditional jobs of both the ancient and contemporary shamans is divination, finding information and answering questions for their communities. They had to successfully navigate life-and-death issues like where to find game, when to move camp, how to avoid or surprise enemies. They were also called on for more every day problems like finding lost objects, solving crimes, and choosing times for ceremonies.

Today, similar methods of divination can be used for any variety of topics, including important ones like finding your ideal life partner, creating greater abundance in your life, developing a more successful career, deciding where to live, uncovering the next steps in your spiritual development, etc. Divination can also be used for very simple, everyday questions like, "Are the artichokes finished cooking yet?" "Would I get there quicker if I took the freeway or the back roads?" Or, "What food would be best for my body today?"

Workshop Description

Images and messages from the spirits are constantly flooding our lives through nature, through our dreams, through the words that jump out of a page at us, through myriad patterns we encounter, and even through the subtle messages of our bodies. All we have to do is learn how to tune in to the conversation -- and in the process, become connected with the world around us at a deeper level!

We will teach several methods for you to try, share our stories and experiences with them, and illustrate how these techniques can help you get the answers you need in your life.

Access the continuous flow of spiritual and practical wisdom that can change your life! Play with a variety of methods and find out what works most effectively for you and which you like best. Get immediate feedback as you practice with others in this experiential, hands-on workshop. 

What you will learn:

You will enliven your innate intuitive connection with the helping spirits and other sources of spiritual wisdom as you practice these shamanic methods on how to:
  • Find omens in nature and approach the natural world for knowledge
  • Discover the spirit messages in your dreams
  • Empower and cast objects, and then read the patterns
  • Read your own body using somatic divination and muscle testing
  • Obtain information directly from ancestors and other helping spirits
We will also review how to formulate questions for clear divination and deal with ethical issues such as: not invading others' privacy, and how to handle bad news and warnings.


As part of the class you will receive a free private appointment with Anne to receive a reading from her spirit helpers!

Who can benefit from this workshop

This workshop is for you if you:
  • Want access to more knowledge and wisdom
  • Want a deeper connection with the natural and spiritual realities around you
  • Are an alternative health practitioner and want to deepen your diagnostic abilities
  • Are just curious about divination systems in general

How to register

Call (1-707-570-0111) or email to reserve a space, or for more information. Class is held in Santa Rosa.

You must know how to journey to the upper and lower worlds and have success contacting a spirit teacher and a power animal. Our Shamanic Journey Initiation workshop is a good way to learn this.

This workshop is usually taught as a series of four evening sessions, or two full days; check the schedule for particulars.

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