Everyday Shamanism

Bringing Spiritual Power into Your Daily Life

What is Everyday Shamanism?

While shamanism is the world’s oldest system for divination and healing, it also has many applications in ordinary everyday modern life. You can learn to connect with compassionate spirit helpers for whatever level of work you want to do – whether it is for very high level spiritual healing, or simply to find your car keys.

Learning how to connect with the spirits of the things around you makes for a richer, more interesting life; animates your day with lots of company; and gives you protection and help with daily tasks. It also gives you a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things.

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Discover (or review) how to connect with the helping spirits in a light trance state induced by repetitive drumming;
  • Practice several methods for protecting yourself, your family, your pets, your car, your home;
  • Communicate with animals, plants, and objects;
  • Find out what knowledge is available to you from simple objects around your home;
  • Meet the spirit of your home, and spirits who live in your home;
  • Connect with your own body and glimpse the wisdom it has to offer you.

Who could benefit from this workshop?

  • Anyone who is open to connecting with spirits for more help with day-to-day living.
  • People who want a deeper relationship with their animal and plant friends, or who want to get to know their home and garden more intimately.
  • People who want help to avoid accidents, injuries, or break-ins.


There are no prerequisites! Come as your are.

How to Register:

To reserve a place in this workshop, or for any questions and further information, contact Anne at 707-570-0111, even for the first FREE meeting, as space is limited.

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