Identity & Power

Manifesting Power through the Transformation of Identity


Face & MirrorWe have created identities for ourselves (expressed in stories, pictures, postures) that include unconscious reflections of our old wounds and things we were told as children. These limited identities restrict our movement, expression and power. They keep us from shining our true light.

The spirits see us without these restrictions. They can let us glimpse the actual magnificence of our being, uplifting us with a view of ourselves that is beyond our wildest dreams.

Come look at your true self, and let the spirits empower you with new stories, symbols, words, postures, tones, and gestures. Come into your own power, strength and beauty. Your understanding of who you are will never be the same.


Child & MirrorThis is a class where we’ll explore some of the aspects that define who we are, our uniqueness, our essence. In many ways these are some of our most precious possessions! These are what we most fear losing. We will also look at how these are often unconscious and limit us, tie us down, and diminish our future.

Using ancient shamanic techniques we will look at what these aspects and qualities are – the stories, gestures, postures, tones of voice, and how we hold ourselves in our communities. Then, with the compassionate guidance of our helping spirits we can consciously begin to create new stories, new movements, new songs that will help us lead a richer and more fulfilling life.

Then we will bring in the practical insights of the world’s mystics to experience at an even more profound level who (or what, or where) we really are.


You must know how to journey to the upper and lower worlds and have success contacting a spirit teacher and a power animal. Our Shamanic Journey workshop is a good way to learn this.

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