Shamanic Journey Initiation

Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

Shaman's Tree, the World Tree

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is the world’s oldest system of spiritual healing and divination, practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world. The shaman makes ecstatic flights into the world of the spirits to obtain information and bring back healing.  Shamanism is an effective way to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance directly for yourself.

More background on shamanism is available here.

What will I learn?

  • What shamanism is and how it works, including an overview of the spirit worlds
  • How you can travel safely to the worlds of the spirits, using gentle drumming
  • Who your power animals and spirit teachers are – and how to work with them
  • How to expand your consciousness and obtain direct spiritual guidance
  • How to increase power, creativity, and humor in your life and how to help your friends do the same

We will use the traditional sounds of repetitive drumming to facilitate the journeys. There will be ample time for background discussion, practical instruction, journey exercises, and questions.

Note that this workshop (or equivalent experience) is required for many of the other workshops that we teach.

What do participants say about this workshop?

"Opened doors to worlds I only visited previously in a dream state.  This was much more fun and interactive." -- M. Friendship, Fabricator

"Grounded, clear, door-opening, world-opening, real, connected, loving, respectful, well- presented & organized.  I got skills to take with me in this life journey.  I was awakened to truths and aspects of this life that connects so many dots." -- R. Ruch, Teacher and Healer

"I have never felt so loved and not alone. This has changed my life in the best way ever." -- T. Weeks, Massage Therapist

About the Workshop

This is usually taught as either a two-day weekend workshop, or as four evenings. The material naturally breaks down into a day (or two evenings) of basic concepts and learning to journey for yourself (Part 1), followed by another day (or two evenings) of learning tojourney for others, and do a simple healing (Part 2).  The first weekend day class may be taken by itself, if you prefer.

When you come, please bring a notebook and pen for recording your journeys, a bandana or other eye covering, and if you have them, a hand drum and/or a rattle.

How to Register:

To reserve a place in this workshop, or for any questions and further information, click here or phone 707-570-0111.

Part 1 (or just the free first session): Buy Now

Parts 1+2: Buy Now

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