Levels of the Soul

A six-week exploration into what it means to be an individual, to have an identity, to have a soul...

White flower against blue skyUse the tools of stillness from meditation and spirit travel from shamanism to rediscover your 'self' in ways that actually benefit and enrich everyday life. Become aware of the seeming layers of 'self', and their interplay:

  • simple being,
  • attentive awareness,
  • the emotional self,
  • the embodied somatic self, and
  • the mental and intellectual self.
Use this understanding to gain insight into the soul's life in the world at large. Explore the mysterious interplay of inner life and outer "reality".

We will explore the mystics' quest for, and experience of, divinity. This sheds light on the mystery of death, and the even more immediate mystery of life. We will include an overview of the ancient and modern philosophers' understanding of consciousness - and what modern biology and neurophysiology have to say.


We have created identities for ourselves ...


This is a class where we’ll explore ...

Then we will bring in the practical insights of the world’s mystics to experience at an even more profound level who (or what, or where) we really are.


You must know how to journey to the upper and lower worlds and have success contacting a spirit teacher and a power animal. Our Shamanic Journey workshop is a good way to learn this.

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For questions or further information, contact Anne at 707-570-0111.
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