Discovering Power and Abundance

Shamanic Skills in the Middle World

Would you like more confidence, more ease with the things of this world like jobs, money, etc.? Do you wish you could have the wise help of savy advisors who -- unlike many spirit helpers -- understand things like money and time, and wield this knowledge with love and compassion?

The Middle World is where we live and work. Middle World spirit helpers can be very effective and useful in practical ways because they are in and of our world. Yet some spirits here may be tricksters or simply confused.

Learn how to discern among the spirits of the Middle World and gain the help of those who are compassionate, influential and uniquely suited to help you in potent ways. Receive immediately useful, practical help in your life.

  • Journey in the Middle World and work with the spirits here.
  • Connect with your ‘True Self’ for greater assurance and inner knowing.
  • Meet your Middle World power animal; learn how it protects and helps you.
  • Get to know your spirit financial consultant; receive help with prosperity and abundance.
  • Find your own Bali Hi and meet with your council of advisors and helpers.


You must know how to journey to the upper and lower worlds and have success contacting a spirit teacher and/or a power animal. Our Shamanic Journey workshop is a good way to learn this.

How to Register:

To reserve a place in this workshop, or for any questions and further information, click here or phone 707-570-0111.

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