The Shaman's Way of Communicating with the Natural World...


An Experiential Workshop

Offered as either six evenings or three day-long sessions

Photo by Stuart DoleThe Shaman’s Way of Communicating with the Natural World

Ancient shamans knew that the whole world is alive. They spoke with the plants and animals and received messages from wind and earth. Now you can learn the way of the shamans and discover for yourself how to receive wisdom directly from the natural world. Experience the depth of your relationship with nature in a profound, new way.

What will I learn?

  • How to travel safely in the worlds of the nature spirits using gentle drumming
  • How to communicate directly with animals
  • Who are your plant allies – and how to work with them
  • Learn the magic and power of spirits of place
  • How to connect with rocks, weather, and other nature spirits

What have past participants said about this workshop?

"This workshop deepened my connections and awareness of nature around me all the time, and gave me a greater trust in my messages from the intuitive world." -- Terry D.

"I feel more solid in my connections to nature and intuition." -- Kory S.

"There were many journeys that I hadn't thought to do -- ways to meet particular plants and animals that turn out to be quite important in my life!" -- Eleanor G.


This course is open to all - any necessary journey and visualization skills are included as part of the training.

How do I register?

Call 1-707-570-0111 or email Space is limited – pre-registration required. 25% discount for early registration!
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