Unwinding Old Stories; Weaving New Ones

Self Empowerment Series

Man seated, meditating

Everyone says not to dwell in the past, but few people tell us how to accomplish that!

Our subconscious minds are often full of old, outdated, and negative beliefs that may have been appropriate when we were five years old. Or they may be totally untrue but an authority figure told us, so we continue to believe them. ("I'm no good at math." "No one will ever love me.")

Shamanism works with the subconscious mind, transforming old beliefs through ceremony, art, movement, and the power of the helping spirits.

  • Uncover and unravel limiting beliefs about yourself and empower new, expansive ones with the help of the loving spirits.
  • Transform pain and suffering into healing.
  • Unravel self-curses.
  • Let go of old judgements and negative emotions.
  • Cut the co-dependent and negative energetic cords to your family, old beliefs, and stories that no longer serve you; allowing loving connection and more positive feelings to arise

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