Personal Empowerment Series

- An Overview

A Spiritual Approach to Empowerment and Growth

Man seated, meditating
It's amazing how we all face issues in similar areas of our lives and yet our paths and the help we need at any given moment may vary widely. Personal growth and spiritual development doesn't work well with a "one size fits all" approach.

This is what is so wonderful about shamanism -- it is perfectly suited to giving each of us exactly what we need. Each of us has a unique set of spirit helpers who know us intimately and provide unique answers to our questions. The healing they give us is tailor made to fit our needs and comes from a higher source, a place of infinite love, wisdom and compassion. This makes the spirits powerful sources of personal growth and spiritual development.

To support you in receiving  the help of the spirits for your personal growth, we have created this series of workshops - a basket of empowerments, initiations, and healing methods from many traditions and branches of shamanism and spiritual healing. These are all methods that we have benefitted from ourselves, and have used to help our clients, students, and friends.

The program is divided into five one-month modules, each with a particular focus. Each module meets for four Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9:30pm. Each module can stand on its own - you don't need to take them all, but we think the overall benefit is magnified if you do - and we offer a discount for that as well!

Each meeting includes:

  • Meditation and Centering practice
  • Somatic Awareness practice
  • Discussion of the evening's topic
  • Journey and other practices related to the topic
  • Ample time for questions and discussion

The Personal Empowerment modules are:

1. Healing Your Relationship with the Spirit of Money
  • Learning the spiritual power money has in our lives - for better or worse
  • Discovering and releasing the old beliefs we have created around money
  • Learning to dance with the spirit and power of money with integrity and creativity.
2. Spiritual Protection
  • Explore the difference between armoring and true protection.
  • Release old patterns of armoring and exchange them for a strong light body.
  • Strengthen ties with allies and protectors in the spirit worlds.
  • Discover the power of your True Self.
3. Healing Your Relationships with Loved Ones and Ancestors
  • Discovering the wounding we have been trying to heal with our relationships - and healing it
  • Exercises for developing compassion and equanimity
  • Moving into creative, conscious, empowered relationships
  • Healing Toxic Thoughts
4. Unwinding Old Stories: Overcoming Blockages
  • Getting beyond suffering and limitation
  • Unravelling self-curses
  • Letting go of entitlement, judgement, negative emotions.
  • Empowering new creative stories
  • Ho'oponopono
5. Healing Your Relationship with Your Body
  • Discover and heal unconscious separations from your body.
  • Meet the guardian spirit of your body and receive health advice and healing.
  • See yourself as the spirits see you.
  • Become more present in your life.

How to Register:

To reserve a place in this workshop, or for any questions and further information, click here or phone Stuart at 707-529-2116.

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